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Aspect Properties | Realtor Referral Program in Metro Detroit Michigan
Call: 248-651-2700

Realtor Referral Program

Realtor Rewards

Do you have a client looking for reliable property management? Is it a service you would like to be able to provide to your client without the hassle of the day to day operation of the property?

Then refer your client to Aspect Properties and we will assist you by offering superior management services to your clients, while keeping you in the loop when the property is ready to be rented again.

Aspect Properties has the experience necessary to give you the peace of mind to refer a client to us, as well as the comfort of knowing that you will remain the agent for the property.

What do we offer to our partners?

With a one year contract from your client, we will offer you and your broker:

  • The first month’s management fee. (Or you can choose to offer it to your client)
  • A choice from our gift card stack equal to $25!
  • Another choice from our gift card stack when your client’s tenant renews their lease.
  • We can also assist you with the marketing of the property. Aspect Properties currently markets on over 55 websites and we will list your property there, with your contact information. All leads are forwarded directly to you. (With signed contract from your client)
  • As a partner agent with Aspect Properties, we will also send you free leads of people looking for rentals, if our agents cannot do the showing.

Let us help you take the stress off your client and together, offer them the perfect team!

Contact our team today!

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Interested in moving your license to a new brokerage? One with better splits and lower cost? Let us know!